Serdar Korur

Data Scientist and PhD in Molecular Biology

Dataatomic. Automated Analytics.

Things get easier after the first step. Because the mind actually stops wandering and starts building things. How can you run a marathon if you don’t know where the start line is?

Whatever your ambition is take that first step now. Imagining creates the vision, doing creates the product.

Imagine a tool that can help you save time, We build it.

At Dataatomic, we are developing customized and automated analytical apps for start ups and biotech companies.

We can help you with automating repetitive tasks (Robotic process automation), gather and analyze wide variety unstructured data, apply predictive algorithms to improve your profits or lower your costs.

Let’s build tools together. Customized to your needs.

  • Automation
  • Analytics
  • Prediction / Machine learning / AI
  • Text mining / Web scraping / Natural language processing
  • Customized analytical tools

Let’s continue the conversation.

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