Serdar Korur

Data Scientist and PhD in Molecular Biology

Connecting your business to the latest Data Science technologies.

Every business generates data, and in most cases, they underestimate the value of it. We are helping companies at all levels to learn how to use their data and make better decisions.

First level is Guidance.

You want to learn about the tools that can help you understand and benefit from data. We help you identify the real value of your data and guide you to our recommened solutions.

Second level is Solutions.

We connect your business to the latest Data Science technologies. Starting from how to generate, handle and store your data to creation of analytical tools. All you need to do is generate business insights with a few clicks.

Third level is Optimization & Automation.

We optimize your existing tools, expand and automate them. We provide you alternative solutions to expand bottlenecks you face. Robotic process automation which is basically the opposite of manual work can help you reduce time on many tasks.

We build tools that make your life easier.

  • Automation
  • Analytics
  • Prediction / Statistics / Machine learning / AI
  • Text mining / Web scraping / Natural language processing
  • Customized analytical tools

Want to find out more? Please contact: serdar.korur@gmail.com or +48576537764 for a chat.

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