data wrangling

Latest trends in automobile industry, Which are the top family cars for your weekend trip?

This week, I will analyze Car Fuel Economy dataset from TidyTuesday. What is TidyTuesday? TidyTuesday is a weekly social data project in R organized by the R for Data Science community. It is a great way of improving your Data wrangling and visualization techniques, sharing and learning from others. You can find more information on their github. Fuel economy data are the result of the work done by the US Environmental Protection Agency.

Data Preparation: Web Scraping html tables with rvest

Accessing different data sources Sometimes, the data you need is available on the web. Accessing those will ease your life as a data scientist. I want to perform an exploratory data analysis on 2018/19 Season of England Premier league. Are there changes in team performances during the season timeline? Does some teams cluster? Which is the earliest week we can predict team’s final positions? I need the standings table for each week of the season and integrate them in a way that will allow me to plot the graphs that I want.