Serdar Korur

Data Scientist and PhD in Molecular Biology

We generate data everyday, how we can use it in the best possible way that improves our business decisions? We help companies to make most out of their their data and make better decisions.

Better Data generation and Analytics

We guide you starting from how to generate, handle and store your data to creation of analytical tools.

Reduce manual tasks

With our analytical solutions reduce the manual work. Automate tasks so you can focus on generating business insights with our custom apps.

Custom solutions

We provide custom solutions which best fit in your workflow. We optimize your existing tools, expand and automate them. We provide alternative solutions to the bottlenecks you face.

Let’s build tools that drive you to better decisions.

  • Data annotation tools
  • Consultance on Prediction / Statistics / Machine learning / AI
  • Text mining / Web scraping / Natural language processing
  • Customized analytical tools

Want to find out more? Please contact: serdar.korur@dataatomic.com or +48576537764 for a chat.

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